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Inscopix webinar: Miniscope technology

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Inscopix is the pioneering developer of complete miniature microscope platforms for freely moving animals, designed to advance real-time brain mapping studies of brain health and neurological disease. Used by over 600 research institutions around the world – nVue, nVoke, and nVista miniscope systems have enabled 190+ neural circuit discoveries in memory, sleep, pain, and neurological disorders. Our latest applications allow the imaging of the blood flow and the neurotransmitter release in the freely behaving animal with a longitudinal approach. Our innovative and advanced imaging solutions empower scientists to transform their complex imaging and behavioral data successfully with speed and scientific rigor for high-impact results.

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Presenter: Nicolas Bonneau, PhD

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Nicolas did his Ph.D. in Bordeaux, South-West of France, where he studied the brain regions involved in the memory associated with morphine withdrawal, in rats. Then he moved to the industry and joined a small French company, where he helped develop, produce, sell, and install instruments to analyze animal behavior. After 10 years in this company, he decided to switch gears and joined Inscopix in August 2021. Nicolas is now the sales manager looking after France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and the Middle East. He's also working in close collaboration with us (Animalab) in Central and Eastern Europe, to give access to Inscopix's systems and services in our part of Europe.