Miniscope imaging during free behavior with the Inscopix platform - presentation in Warszawa

Animalab and Inscopix invite you to attend the presentation of the latest neuroscientific applications enabled by miniscope technology, offered in room no. 2 of Nencki Institute on May 20th, time 10:00-11:45.

Nicolas Bonneau, PhD, from Inscopix will present innovative applications of miniature miniscopes for imaging brain neuronal or astrocyte activity, blood flow dynamics and neurotransmitter imaging in freely moving animals. After Inscopix’ presentation Animalab will present overview about the newest products, systems and services.

Meeting schedule:

10:00-11:15 – Inscopix presentation „Miniscope imaging during free behavior with the Inscopix platform” with discussion

Key topics:

  • Single- or dual-color miniscope imaging
  • Combination of calcium imaging and optogenetics
  • Neurovascular coupling (blood flow & neuronal activity)
  • Neurotransmitter and calcium imaging


11:20-11:40 – Animalab presentation „News in offer for in vivo experiments” with discussion

Key topics:


About miniscopes and Inscopix

If you want to get a first idea of what a miniscope is, this short video introduces the fundamentals of Inscopix’s technique and workflow.

Inscopix is the pioneering developer of complete miniature microscope platforms for freely moving animals, designed to advance real-time brain mapping studies of brain health and neurological disease.

Used by over 500 research institutions around the world – nVue, nVoke, and nVista miniscope systems have enabled 180+ neural circuit discoveries in memory, sleep, pain, and neurological disorders. Our latest applications allow the imaging of the blood flow and the neurotransmitter release in the freely behaving animal with a longitudinal approach. Our innovative and advanced imaging solutions empower scientists to transform their complex imaging and behavioral data successfully with speed and scientific rigor for high-impact results.

If you have any questions, let’s contact our Area Sales Manager

Maciej Chojnacki, PhD

+48 694 716 583